1. 01. Ace of Spades DeStijl 3:59
  2. 02. Anhedonia Jr DeStijl 4:08
  3. 03. Out of Range DeStijl 4:15
  4. 04. Chill Pill DeStijl 4:15
  5. 05. Too Late MII DeStijl 4:49
  6. 06. Machette Rules DeStijl 3:45
  7. 09. That Awkward Moment DeStijl 3:40
  8. 10. Death as an Option DeStijl 5:08
  9. 11. SIP8 DeStijl 3:42
  10. 12. In Your Memory DeStijl 5:13

DeStijl was funded in the late 90’s by P. DeStijl and John Cleary. After a 10-years silence, the band released their concept album “The White Stripes” in 2011, with a brand new line-up. This album is available in three versions, including acoustic reinterpretations of the 11 songs and 12 dancefloor-calibrated remixes.


in 2012, the band recorded their new album in Manchester with former “Chameleons UK” and “I am Kloot” guitarist Yves Altana as producer. This album features Peter Hook (Joy Division & New Order) on bass and Julie Gordon (Happy Mondays) on backing vocals.


They returned in Manchester during winter 2016 to record their new album, titled « debut » as a new joke. This new album includes 12 songs, more dance beats, but is in fact the most rock of theirs. Again, they invited very talented people from manchester such as Monica Ward and Louise Turner on backing vocals. The album is also mixed by Danny Saber, former Black Grape member and producer for The Rolling Stones, Joe Strummer, Public Enemy, Michael Hutchence, Seal, Marylin Manson …

Machete rules

Anhedonia junior

Too late

Out of range

On the run

Chill pill

In your memory

Psycho (substance mix)


Clues and motives

Angels falling

Ace of Spades

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« Avec ce Debut à la fois rock, mélancolique et raffiné, enregistré à Manchester, DeStijl prouve encore qu’il est le plus anglais des groupes français, yeah ! »