1. 01. Ace of Spades DeStijl 3:59
  2. 02. Anhedonia Jr DeStijl 4:08
  3. 03. Out of Range DeStijl 4:15
  4. 04. Chill Pill DeStijl 4:15
  5. 05. Too Late MII DeStijl 4:49
  6. 06. Machette Rules DeStijl 3:45
  7. 09. That Awkward Moment DeStijl 3:40
  8. 10. Death as an Option DeStijl 5:08
  9. 11. SIP8 DeStijl 3:42
  10. 12. In Your Memory DeStijl 5:13

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Unbreakable spirit.

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